Monday, November 17, 2008

Paper Roses for my Mom.

This blog is my attempt to keep all my memories of my mother. It's been three years since she passed away, and for the first time, I can honestly say that it feels like it really has been three years. So many things have happened since then -- I graduated from college, started working, my Yaya passing away also... With everything all happening at the same time, mom's passing away suddenly feels like ages ago. And, together with it, my memories of her has also started to blur around the corners.

Why Paper Roses for my Mom?

Well, apart from trying to look for a witty username, I used Paper Roses because she loved singing that song. Back in our Sales house, we always used to sing with the Magic Sing, just the two of us, or just me singing, and her watching me. She'd always ask me to sing a Carpenters song, and she'd sing just three songs -- Paper Roses, Love Me for What I am, and the last one I couldn't remember. (See what I mean about my memories blurring around the corners?)

So there, I'm officially naming this blog Paper Roses for My Mom, because this is perhaps the only song she can sing decently.

These are MY memories, and honestly, I wouldn't want anyone in my family reading this blog. This is my attempt at making sense of her life, making sense of her stories that she told me back when I still didn't care.